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Fashion Mogul Polo the Fur King’s resume reads like a living legend. His work ethic incomparable. From receiving rave reviews from Fashionista June Ambrose for his revolutionary convertible Ugg Boots, his mink inspired air force ones, or his punk rocker designed spiked converse, the Fur King is changing fashion one evolution at a time. K4S Entertainment & HFL Magazine sitdown with for a candid interview with the successful trendsetter Polo the Fur King.

Where are you from?

I was originally born in the Bronx off the grand concourse at Bronx Lebanon hospital. My parents had a house out in Bergen County New Jersey but my mother went into labor in New York. After she came out of the hospital I went straight from New York to New Jersey as an infant. Eight pounds and fourteen ounces shipped straight to Bergen County (laughs).

What made you get into fashion?

The Streets. I would have to say the streets made me get into fashion. I always had an eye for fashion. I mean, that was obvious with me, even since the age of two. You see me getting fly in baby pictures with the bow tie and the sailor suits so I literally have been fresh since the age of two. But as far as fashion in adulthood and making fashion for the world now, it’s definitely the streets that influenced me. I was always buying Ralph Lauren’s stuff; I had the Levi’s and the suede. I was one of the first people with the green suede K.E.D.S. (Laughs). People started telling me, “You have an eye for fashion and you’re always spending money on other designers. Why don’t you make some fashion yourself and try to get it out there. The streets would support it.” At that time though I was hearing what people were saying but I wasn’t feeling them because I was in another kind of game that was getting me some other kind of money and when it’s like that it makes you think like, “yeah, I hear ya’ll but I’m eating good right now.” Eventually it kicked in and I went and started my own clothing line and here I am today man, this man they call Polo the Fur King. It all started in the streets

How does your past or upbringing influence your design style?

Man! My upbringing was phenomenal. I was kind of like a “Cosby” kind of kid. My father was Captain of the police and my mother was in charge of the mental area on Ward island. She was in charge of maintaining the insane criminals. These were like the really crazy patients, something like what you would see in that old movie “The Shining”. My sister was always into fashion though she been in the retail industry since the age of sixteen. She still works in fashion to this day. My father didn’t care too much for fur coats and stuff like that but my mother was flashy with the fur coats even though my father was really conservative.

For those that don't know what the names of your companies are and what types of clothing do they specialize in?

Well Exclusive Fashion and Furs is definitely the umbrella of all my other endeavors. Exclusive Fashion and Furs deal with all kind of leathers and things of that nature. Of course the private collection became my own clothing line. This is where I came up with strictly custom clothing. The private collection is Dessalines Clothing and that became the name of that brand of my company. I came out with that company because I know that everyone may not be able to afford a $5000.00 fur coat, but I feel that people can afford a $600 dollar vest. I also feel that if I am behind it and I put my own personal touches on the vest that you could look just as fly as a guy that bought a basic fur coat that may have cost $3000.00 So you can kind of say that I cornered the market by just thinking about the people that can’t afford the expensive fur coats and created an affordable price line.

For more questions and answers and a preview of the complete exclusive layout of Polo the Fur King for HFL Magazine. click here


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