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Andrene "Omega" Stubbs is a Certified Outre Stylist. Her styles and clients have been featured in nationally released music videos, major sponsored events, fashion shows and concerts including Essence Music Festival, MTV Awards and the BET Music Awards.

Many women are either already beginning the process or are thinking of transitioning from relaxed to natural. Be it the cost of maintaining relaxed hair, changes in the way your hair and scalp react to chemicals, or simply wanting a change, more and more women are "going natural". So, how do you transition from the "creamy crack" to natural healthy hair without 'THE BIG CHOP"? There are NO products available, especially more chemicals, that will strip relaxer from your hair. Don't fall for that trick ladies! Here are a few ideas to help you with your long term transitioning goal.

1. Have your dead ends trimmed. (Not all of your relaxed hair... Just the bad ends...)

2. Deep conditioning / Moisturising Regiment (This is very important especially, for you ladies who will be wearing weaves during your transition. If your hair AND your weave aren't moisturized they being to pull moisture from each other and your scalp!!!) NO SULFATE, PETROLEUM, OR MINERAL OILS!!!!

3. Avoid shampoos with sulfates in them AND products with high alcohol content. This will prevent drying of your hair and scalp as well.

4. Wear weaves that do not require leaving your hair out only to use excessive heat from thermal styling tools. Your hair should be moisturized and protected.

5. Stay away from cotton pillow cases and head wraps. Instead try using a satin bonnet or satin pillow case to retain your hair's moisture. Cotton pillow cases can also grab your ends and break your hair while shifting during your slumber.

6. Foods for Healthier Hair: *Eggs - contain biotin and B-12, *Whole Grains, Nuts, and Oyster - contain zinc (antioxidant), *Poultry and Fish - contain protein, *Carrots - contain vitamin A

7. Vitamins: *Biotin & Vitamins B and B-6 - promote healthy hair, nails and skin,

Have an awesome hair day!!!

Andrene "Omega" Stubbs

Contact Omega or see samples of her work on facebook by clicking here


In the past month I have received several inquiries about products for thinning hair and their effectiveness. The answer to this question is very tricky because there are so many different issues that could be causing the hair loss or thinning. In some cases hair thinning may be due to poor blood circulation. To find out if this is the issue, you can apply a deep conditioning treatment to your hair 1-2 times a week and do the following: cover your head with a shower cap and use a back massager or some type of stimulating device and move it along the thinning area until you've stimulated the area. If you notice a difference in about a month then you'll need to start a hair brushing and stimulation regiment. If there is no change, set an appointment with your dermatologist to discuss possible causes for the hair loss and suggested treatments. This way, you're not buying medications or products that may have an adverse effect.

Have an awesome hair day!!!

Andrene "Omega" Stubbs


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