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To label Claudette Monet as simply a “soul” singer is a huge understatement. Rather, Monet is full-fledged musical force who always graces the stage with an angelic presence that is paralleled only the industry’s most celebrated icons. Her music — a mixture of soul, funk, rock and pop — attracts people of all ages, religions, shapes and shades. Monet is all about love, from the songs she sings, to the way she connects with her audience. That love typically comes back two-fold at the end of Monet’s shows, when her faithful fans fill the room with thunderous applause and raucous cheers. Her voice booms tremendously and her adorable smile is enough to make listeners fall in love over and over again.

We get a chance to sit down and have a Q & A with Claudette Monet:

1) Its so good to finally get a chance to sit down and interview you. A lot of people know you because of your success in the state of Maryland but is that where you are from?

A) No, I'm actually from Madison, Florida.

2) What made you decide to attend Florida State over FAMU even though FAMU is more known for its music programs?

A) I actually had a scholarship offer from FAMU to play the flute, but I chose different routes...which lead me to choose FSU. I love them both.

3) Why did you decide on Maryland as the place to take your career to the next level?

A) I had actually stop singing when I moved here. I moved for my son and another venture in mind. I was doing the "corporate American" thing. My friend's girlfriend heard me singing in the kitchen over the phone. Lol She thought it would dope for us to start a group, which lead to several trips to New York preparing for the bright lights again.

4) When I first heard you sing I immediately thought of soulful legends like Aretha Franklin, Chaka Kahn, Anita Baker and the like. Do you have any singers whose music inspire you?

A) Thank you! Whitney Houston was my biggest influence...Mariah Carey..Of course, Chaka, Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin, Prince and of course Michael Jackson...and even Beyonce.

5) Most people know you as a sultry soulful singer. It suprised and intrigued me that your upcoming album will be more rock influenced. Can you tell us more about that?

A) I’m a big fan of 80's Rock. Within the past few years, I revisited my love for rock and figured it would be great to let the world hear that side of my music...RockStar is one of the first songs that displays that. It's my edgy side..I'm not only made of love songs and R&B I love to dance and bounce my hair around a little. I'm a busy body...what better way to do it! *Laughs*

6) What inspired you to take your music style in that direction?

A) I’m not taking it completely in that direction. It's like a pot of gumbo...There's no limitations on music to me. Who invented genres anyway?

7) You had the opportunity to feature on ESSENCE multiple times. How was that experience, to realize that mainstream media has been taking notice?

A) It's such an honor! I've done magazine work before, but not quite on the level of Essence. It's great to know that I'm touching audiences all over. I'll be doing it again soon.

8) We heard you are actually a multiple talent threat? Is it true that you used to model? Where a few of the places you have been featured?

A) Yeah, I modeled for a few times. I used to do hair and at the time, I headlined the Bronner Brother Hair Show and was featured in magazines like Black Hair (Sophisticate's) and so on.

9) Where can our readers see you perform? Do you have a website where people can get a taste of your music?

A) I'm laying a little low right now preparing for a new adventure, but I perform weekly with a band called Rox Rhythm in DC at spot called Indulj. I do a lot of private functions and I have a few surprises coming up for my audience. Make sure to check out www.reverbnation.com/claudettemonet!

10) I know we joke all the time about you doing Yoga on Tuesdays but what does Claudette Monet really do for fun?

A)*Laughs* I love nature, going on long walks, bike riding, making people laugh (I swear I'm a comedian), I have a fashion blog. I love fashion tremendously. I also plan to do more traveling soon.

11) It seems like with your talent that the sky is the limit! So where do you see yourself in five years?

A)On tv or movies, even writing a book at some point. I see myself writing more songs for movies and I don't think I'll ever stop performing! I love live music.

12) Any words of wisdom for our readers and any vocalists trying to break into the music business?

A) Keep your dignity and don't sell yourself short. Stay focused on your goal. Don't let anyone discourage you. Sing as much as possible. Stay away from people that are not in your corner or have your best interest...especially in your look and what you wear.

13) Any Shout outs?

A) I don't usually do shout outs...but I'd like to say thank you to every single person who supports my career. Without you I'm just a country girl. *Smile* Love you to death.

For more information on Claudette Monet click here


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