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As “The Force” and Co-Ceo of Boss Lady Mgt & Consult. Ms. L. Jay is a force to be reckoned with. Having a charming personality, astute business sense and the gift of gab, Ms. L. Jay has been instrumental in the rapid growth and development of Boss Lady Mgt. This company is the brainchild of an undeniable collaboration between Ms. L. Jay and her business partner, Lady Duval. The premise behind its formation was to create an organization that would recruit a diverse group of the hottest, most in demand local artists and form a female company that could network and support one another, while effectively cornering the market. Starting off as Mouse’s personal assistant; Ms. L. Jay’s role in the Beast Mode organization grew as the squad expanded to include more DJ’s and a subsidiary group of producers and beat makers known as the Beast Mode Beat Makerz. She knew that in order to successfully execute the idea of Boss Lady Mgt, she would need assistance from a forward thinking and business savvy individual. Enter Lady Duval.

As an avid music fan, dancer, event coordinator and recent recipient of a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from Columbia College, Ms. L. Jay was the perfect person to assist DJ Mouse in fulfilling his vision. L.Jay spent the first 14 years of her life growing up in Cieba, Puerto Rico in a household where music, dance and fellowship reigned supreme. During this time she gained a great appreciation for many different genres’ of music and entertaining. Her family’s relocation to the mainland and subsequent moves throughout the states as a military family did nothing to diminish her love for good times with good people, because with each move, she was introduced to new individuals, customs and music, enhancing her already rich background. As an adult, L. Jay carried on family tradition, coordinating and hosting her own events and familiarizing herself with the local artists and DJ’s, while working towards her Accounting degree. At the time, L. Jay had no idea that her love for entertaining and pursuit of a degree in accounting would be used in conjunction to be a part of something great. Through this encounter, she was approached by a local up and coming hip hop artist named Jay Steez and was asked to manage his music career along with the growing company Southern Boi Music. She excitedly accepted and has been on the road to creating her own management company, Boss Lady Mgt.

In her current role as Co-Ceo of Boss Lady Mgt, Ms. L. Jay’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to recruiting talent, booking gigs, coordinating events and bookkeeping. Since its official inception in early part of 2010, Boss Lady Mgt has recruited known acts such as Jay Steez from Southern Boi Music, Willie Evans Jr signed to High Water Music and D.A.R.Y.L. from the N Word. Since then, additional acts were added to the roster such as StillWater from the group Jewelers Row and The IGive from Give Love Entertainment. The ladies of Boss Lady Mgt are also making strides towards making a name for themselves by collaborating with local promoters, producers and other artists to expose their musical acts. Ms. L. Jay continues to learn the ropes and is responsible for booking, coordinating and exposing all of her artist to the public as well as assist with maintaining their businesses. As Boss Lady Mgt continues to thrive and grow, “The Force”, Ms. L. Jay is excited for what the future holds and more than capable of handling any task that’s thrown her way.

For more information on Ms. L. Jay and her artist or booking Willie Evans Jr, The IGive, StillWater or D.A.R.Y.L. please email bossladymgt@gmail.com or visit www.bossladymgt.com ,www.daryl360.com and www.thenerdysouth.com

For more information on Ms. L. Jay follow her on twitter by clicking here


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