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Kristina Shipe, is CEO and Founder of K-Town Entertainment which is responsible for multiple events that showcase the talent of many independent artists on the east coast. She is a former radio personality from ISM radio on 105.3 in Jacksonville, Florida. She now hosts the D.I.V.E Vlog under the Matrix Group Inc brand.

The world we live in is all about social networking between cell phones, tablets, computers, and anyway we can find to connect to the World Wide Web. Through this technology, we have ways to easily access information, contact people and stay in touch with each other. More specifically, music artists are taking advantage of the many online resources and building themselves quite the bio and online profile. However, many artists blank on what the next step would be and who to contact. This all too often results in the wrong image being portrayed, fans feeling forgotten, an unorganized appearance professionally both in person and online. The music market is saturated to the point where fans don’t know where to go, who to listen to, and how to support the artists they love to hear.

This is where management comes into play for the artist, producer, etc. If you are focused on your talent then you don’t have enough time to worry about everything else and you need someone to assist with the paperwork. Dictionary.com defines management as-

“The person or persons controlling and directing the affairs of a business, institution, etc.”

The key point in this is someone handling the affairs of the business. Yes, you as an artist are the business. It is great to deal directly with people face to face yourself but ultimately you need someone to refer questions to, help track what shows are coming, what studio you are going to, what songs should be released when, what video to shoot, which artists to make beats for, who should shoot your photos, and I really could go on all day. The point is there is a reason music managers exist. They give you direction in life, they help you guide your path in this business and make a name for yourself. They free you from doing some of the mundane administrative work and allow you that extra time to focus on your craft. If you are in this business you should be in it for the love of the music, the desire to succeed and the goals you have created. Management will help you get to that point as long as you find someone that you feel “fits” in with your style and direction.

Finding the right manager can be a grueling process. Often people tend to make their friend, brother, sister, mother, etc. their management and sometimes that can work amazingly well, but other times that person that won’t always give you their honest opinion. You need to find someone that will tell you when you are doing great and when you are putting out garbage, when you need to step up your crowd interaction on stage, etc. You need someone who will be honest with you at all times because you may not always want to hear those negative comments but a real manager will be honest with you because their goal is to help you achieve success!

My advice is find a manager who knows music well, has great connects and loves your style because this is a person you will have a lot of interaction with over the course of your career! Make sure you keep documents of everything because ladies and gentlemen this is a business after all. Keep the music ALIVE!

Kristina “Ktown Kris” Shipe

Artist Management, Radio/Event Host, photographer and Journalist





D.I.V.E Vol 1 Segment #3

K-Town Kris invades club 1904 for the exclusive black and green independent hip-hop and rock event. She gives an inside look on the venue and the various performers. For more videos like this and previous episodes by visiting The Matrix Group Inc and clicking on their media section here


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