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From hit singles, to poetry, to branding, to being a published author; Knight Krawler is a man of many talents. K4S Entertainment and HFL Magazine get a few minutes to talk with the renaissance man himself. We go one on one with Mr. "Amplifer" in an exclusive interview.

1. You have had many singles in rotation now and finally the anticipated new album is coming out. What is it called?

Yeah, it’s finally here. This album is called “Amplifier.” I chose to name the album after a spoken word piece I created with the same name that continues to gain national recognition and for it’s ability to inspire both writers and listeners alike. This album is a testament to that and I chose to name it after the piece because to me an “Amplifier” is something that everyone can relate to. It is the spark of creativity that forms a connection to people. When the people see you they realize that your words come from the heart and you don’t need to rely on anything else to get your message across. I was blessed with the ability to create Amplifier’s theme so now it’s my chance to share that blessing with the world.

2. What are you hoping that people come away with from this project as a whole?

I hope people see the underlying message that, no matter what, “Only you can tell your story.” This album is a collection of poetry, spoken word, and music from many talented artists I have had the pleasure of working with onstage and in the studio.

3. Right now you just released the new single O.G.R.E which is in serious international rotation right now. What is the message that song is trying to put out there?

I’m thankful for that. O.G.R.E. stands for (Originally Great, Respected by Everyone,) and the message behind it is…be yourself. When we are young we are all taught we can do great things. Unfortunately, the older we get society teaches us that we are “not good enough.” I say, take back that power and let no one set limitations on you. If you are an “O.G.R.E.” at what you do, show it to the world!

4. Recently we found out that one of your singles "Red Lingerie" made it on to the soundtrack for the award winning film "Treacherous". How did that come about? What was it like to hear your song in a movie release for the first time?

Treacherous was indeed a pleasant surprise. It was the first time my music was added to a film. At the time I knew one of the leading actresses who happened to like the song and asked me how I felt about it being in a film. I spoke with the director, let her hear the song, and the rest was history. I was able to see the movie screening and when my “Red Lingerie” came on it matched the scene perfectly.

5. Our readers are becoming familiar with knight krawler the music artist, through our radio station HFL Radio, making Amplifier and the Red Lingerie Remix some of the top played songs on there. But what about Knight Krawler the Poet? Is it true you are a published author as well?

To me, poetry and hip-hop are not so distant cousins, and that is why my style tends to blur the lines between them. I've been writing poetry for over ten years on just about everything you can think of. I write about love, politics, family, society, you name it it's fair game for me. Writing poetry is one of the best ways I've found to release your thoughts and give your soul some breathing room. As a spoken word artist I have traveled to various cities and met many different artists. It was truly an eye opener in my life personally and professionally and has helped me grow in many ways. Some recording artists are “studio artists” and don’t get a chance to perform in front of a live crowd as much. In contrast, some spoken word artists, once the crowd leaves, have nothing recorded to give them. I believe my experience has taught me to receive the “best of both worlds” so to speak. I have learned the value of a studio work as well as that of the stage. I've been that guy who never got to be on the mic at venues and the guy that everyone wants to come through and do a piece. I've seen both sides of the scene and I think that enables me to appreciate my fan base even more and want to respect and encourage anyone who wants to give of themselves and leave it all out there on the mic.

I am a published author of two books, “Endless Night,” and “The Rules of Poetry.” Endless Night,is a collection of 50 poems and short stories, and is in circulation throughout the Jacksonville Public Library system. My second book, The Rules of Poetry is designed to serve as a guide to inspire, teach, and educate emerging artists about the benefits and vices of speaking in front of a live audience and how to deliver their message without sacrificing your integrity. Both books can be purchased at your normal distributors like Amazon, for example.

6. Now that the album is finally finished what's next for the renaissance man they call Knight Krawler?

The sky is the limit! It’s never really over. Seriously though, I think it’s almost time to write another book or go back into the studio and begin another album and set up events to perform live in other cities and colleges. In short, just continue to build my brand. Once thing about KnightKrawler, rest assured, I will always be working on something. What I appreciate the most is that I can continue to re-invent myself. That is the fun part.

7. How can fans keep in contact with you?

I am definitely an approachable guy. My fans can always reach me at any of these links:





8. Where can they purchase books, music, ringtones Etc?

My work is available online as well as physically. You can buy my ringtones from your major cell phone carriers and soon major international carriers will have access to them. My website has the text code details on there. My album and singles are on iTunes and other known digital stores. Just google KnightKrawler and you can find me.

9. Any Shoutouts?

I want to send a shout out to my family, my “spoken word family,” and all of the fans of my work. It is because of them that I continue in my craft and from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you.

See the exclusive layout and feature of Knight Krawler as he graces the cover of HFL Magazine by clicking here


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