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Kapo Mann is a Jamaican born, American rapper. Currently working with Amplifly Music, BigTyme Music Group, and Loc N Grow Enterprises, Kapo Man is a major independent artist who understands and appreciates the grind. Originally born in Manchester, Jamaica in 1983, he migrated to Miami, Floridaís South West Miami-Dade area. He is currently working on his new mix tape project to be hosted by DJ J3 of the X-Squad DJs and Southern Music Radio. Heís on a predestinated path in pursuit of his destiny.

His journey to such a point in life has not been an easy road. From moving around city-to-city, state-to-state, Kapo Mann was raised by a single mother and her supportive family. After relocating to Miami, Florida at the age of five, he was raised between Miami and New York City. In middle school is where he found his appreciation for music. He became a connoisseur of the trumpet and began a committed relationship with the art of music.

During a trip to Atlanta, Georgia in late 2006, he reconnected with some childhood friends of his. They all shared a mutual passion for music. Upon reconnecting, they made a commitment to creating music and honing their craft. But Kapo Mann, saw music as a financial way out, a means of providing for his family. This pivotal moment was the beginning of his career. His days of making ends meet would solely relay on his ability to produce, distribute, and market his music.

Kapo Mann is a career artist. Since 2006, he has performed in various parts of Florida, Georgia, and New York. His first release was a mixtape entitled The Southwest M.D. In the summer of 2009, he followed up his debut mixtape with the single Game Her (Hood Rat Chick).When a growing buzz and fan base; Kapo Mannís career was well on its way. The support of producers such as Looney Tunes, The Presidents, and several others was only the beginning. The best part apart being an artist for Kapo Mann is being heard.

In January of 2010, he released the mixtape: Seen Alotta Faces Volume 1 Hosted by DJ Knight of Atlanta, Georgia. Wiser and more focused in the business of his music, Kapo Mann sold copies of this mixtape in three different markets: Miami, Atlanta, and New York. Eager to keep the momentum alive, he returned to the booth and dropped Flame Up in the summer of 2010. With spins and recognition from Dirty South Radio Online and Southern Music Radio, Kapo Man was becoming a hood phenomenon.

The sound of Kapo Mann is expressed through rap and hip hop. His lyrical content is a reflection of how he feels, how heís living, and making music that people can relate to. From 2006 to the present, he has graced several stages and blessed every mic he has ever put his hands on. The next release is set for the fall of 2011: Seen Alotta of Faces Vol. 2 Hosted by DJ J3 of the X-Squad DJs and Southern Music Radio. With a supportive team and a growing fan base, be on the lookout for Kapo Mann in a city near you.

Listen to Kapomann's new mixtape: Seen Alotta Faces Volume 2 by clicking here


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