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Javan Reed CEO Fashion Forward, Inc and offical fashion correspondent for WJXT-Jacksonville shares his insight on the direction of fashion:

Style is a prerequisite! We must adhere to it or it's very likely you will get looked over. Now am I saying fashion is everything? Absolutely not! However, style can be the vehicle you’re looking for to promote yourself to a new level or get past an old relationship. Break out from the boring routine of khakis and polo; directed to the fellas. This is an exciting season for menswear. There are so many new approaches and ideas. Fashion is not a cynical notion that we can dismiss. Allow me to give you a few suggestions and layout what trends are hot for the 2011/2012 fall-winter seasons.

First, let's discuss fur. Faux or genuine fur material adds luxury and flare to any dull outfit. Balancigia, Gucci and many other design houses have adopted that notion. While were conversing materials can I just add that lace should be embraced as well my friends. We say death to color blocking and hello sexy silhouettes in dark shades of grey and black. Luxury, feminine and classy is how I would best describe this upcoming season of fashion and style.

Again fashion isn't everything but love is its only alternative.

Style is the perfection of an idea and it’s a choice but love isn't that conscious; hence, the reasons the two co-exist. Perhaps if you’re not adorned in the latest trends or decked down in a bohemian chic look, or tailored in a jersey knit design try on love this season. Style is essentially derived from loving one’s self. It’s about individuality and personality. The two can take you places you never imagined but you’re going to need character to sustain it. Shades of red like pomegranate bombarded the runways and burnt orange made a roaring presence.

However, if you opt out of the color trends make sure you’re wearing what inspires you. If I was studying for some doctoral degree in fashion my dissertation would be on the correlation of fashion and psychology. When people look good they feel good and go on to achieve great things and that's why we call it fashion forward.... It's truly about progression

Creative director/CEO Javan Reed, fashion forward enterprises

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Fashion and style has no rules, if you know what you’redoing. That's why I love this summer spring season so much because frankly fashion followers, there are no rules and no decade’s restraints. New York fashion week and the catwalks in Paris are bombarded with mixtures of the years. I like to call it "retrogressive", meaning have regards of yesterday, but with a modern touch. 1960's introduced the lady-like phenomena; 70's infiltrated the chic and colorful movement on into 90's punk rock took over. It won’t be uncommon to notice a lady in the five point area, in Jacksonville Florida, wearing a floral print romper with a pair of stylish cowboy boots, also my friends if you're partying downtown you just may see "Miss flashy" rocking the full sequin mini with shoulder pads inspired by balmain.

Perhaps Designer Karl Lagerfeld, best described the season by saying, "fashion does not have toprove that it is serious. It is the proof that intelligent frivolity can be something creative and positive." I like what the creative director #tweeted just recently, Like poetry fashion does not state anything it merely suggests. The thought process and conscious acceptance of that notion alone is enough to transform wardrobes.

Since fashion is one of those ideologies that we see ever changing, and evolving then why not? Here is a toast to those that have decided to step outside the comfort of yesterday and embark on this progressive journey of fashion and style you choose the era and wear the year proudly. Suggestion, fellas try a fitted pair of khakis and old two pocket denim shirt with a pair of loafers to complete the look. Ladies I want you to raise the hem line on one of those "dated" maxi dresses in the closet and accessorize with contrasting heel. Popping a color never hurts anybody those matching days are far gone. Go head "fashion things up" a little and watch confidence increase, which ultimately leads to more productivity. That's why we call it fashion forward, it's about progression.

Creative director/CEO Javan Reed, fashion forward enterprises

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