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Deleon Hazel, is the CEO and Founder of the widely popular online publication 3kings Magazine.

The past is like that extra overweight bag that every airline wants you to pay for. You don’t need the extra bag but you would like to have it for added comfort in case anything goes wrong, and you can’t find something to wear in the other two suitcases fully packed with clothes.

The only reason we walk around with the past is because we don’t know who we are without it. We don’t know who we are without the past hurt, the failed relationships, and the missed opportunities. We constantly use it as a tool to gauge every new opportunity we encounter. For instance, we meet someone by the name of Chris (or Crystal) and as time elapse, we are ready to start a committed relationship with them but we’re still subconsciously holding on to our past. Everything Chris or Crystal does, we compare it to Ray or Ray-Ann (persons of interest in our past)… we feel the same emotion toward our current situation not necessarily because of what Chris/Crystal do but because we know how it made us feel then when Ray/Ray-Ann did it. Now that act no matter how good the intentions were already holds weight. You didn’t let that new person in as to what happened in your past so they could better prepare themselves for the future you two are trying to create together.

Now imagine if you didn’t go into this relationship with your past or imagine if you were honest with that person and said “Hey let me introduce you to my luggage. I’ll be taking it with us everywhere we go” (okay maybe you won’t say that) but you were open and honest and they cared enough to help you heal BEFORE getting into a relationship with you. Imagine if you didn’t let your past define your every step, your every decision… now imagine the open possibilities to let love in… to just learn, forgive and move on, to not judge every person you meet. We need to realize that the past is the past and we should let it be. Stop using it as a scapegoat. Go into 2012 with a new mindset. If you need help, then actively seek help to become a better you – spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Now ask yourself “Who am I without my past?”

Deleon Hazel

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Staying in the wrong relationship while you are waiting for the right one to come along- QUIT

Praying that the wrong relationship will turn into the right relationship- QUIT

Doing everything needed thinking that he/she will change into the perfect person for you- QUIT

You tell your friends that he’s the one but he tells his friends that you’re just a friend- QUIT

Making excuses for his/her behavior for the past two years- QUIT

Been dating for the past ten years and he/she still isn’t ready for marriage- QUIT

Why do we constantly try to manipulate our situations? We need to realize instead that God has someone better and we should just move on, prepare ourselves and show God that we are ready for the person He has on the operation table.

That guy hasn’t even called you his girlfriend or his future wife, yet you iron his clothes, do his full load laundry, cook all his meals, have your closet filled with ‘his side’ of clothes, have your fridge stocked with things he likes, and give him the nooki three times a day… All this and you haven’t even met his family, friends or his pet. Now you got his mail forwarding to your address because he’s over there more times than he cares to be at his own crib. When will you realize that you are making it too easy for him?

Whenever he talks about his future, your name is not mentioned. The “we/us” you have created in your mind does not exist in reality for him. He may have whispered to you all the words and poetry in a book but what he tells you does not matter as much as what he tells others about you. The sex may sustain him but it will not keep him. You are only his place holder for the real trophy that comes along. Please do remember that you should not apply marriage level commitment where a marriage or intent of marriage does not exist (Yes please repeat it until you get it). Don’t settle to be with a person who’s taking advantage of you even if you think you deserve it. Only treat a man like a king when he shows you that you are his queen.

Deleon Hazel

Read more from Deleon at 3Kings Magazine by clicking here


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